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The Winter Olympics by the Numbers

Since the first ever Winter Olympics in 1924, the number of countries and athletes participating has grown significantly each year. The combination of new sports and the increasing number of...

West Ham Director of Player Recruitment fired for Racist Comments

FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football, has long had issues with racial abuse. Fans of some clubs, some more notable than others, have a history of racially harassing opp...

The 2018 MLB “Cold Stove”: Collusion, Free Agents, and Scott Boras.

7 of the top 10 free agents on CBS’s Free Agent tracker this offseason remain unsigned. The offseason has been so cold that ESPN isn't even reporting rumors anymore. For the first time ever,...

2018 Conference Tourney Primer

At least one team from the 32 "all-sport" Division I conferences receives an automatic bid to the NCAA March Madness Tournament. Before the college basketball season heats up throughout Marc...

Bracketbluster’s Anticipated Bracket – February 12th

#1 Seeds: Virginia Villanova Xavier Cincinnati Last Four in: Boise St UCLA USC Nebraska First Four out: Maryland Kansas State Notre Dame Providence Next Four out: St. B...

The Cavs just blew up their roster. Entire updated recap

Notice how the only person in the picture above is LeBron James...that's because the Cavs basically just traded their ENTIRE roster at the deadline, and it doesn't even look like they are do...

Bracketbluster’s Anticipated Bracket – February 5th

#1 Seeds: Villanova Virginia Purdue Xavier Last Four in: Maryland UCLA Syracuse Virginia Tech First Four out: Washington Kansas State NC State Nebraska Next Four out: M...

Does Changing a Logo Change the Team?

The Cleveland Indians organization announced Tuesday morning that they will no longer use the Chief Wahoo logo starting in 2019. The Chief Wahoo logo, which has been scrutinized for its ster

Bracketbluster’s Anticipated Bracket – January 29th

#1 Seeds: Virginia Villanova Duke Purdue Last Four in: Boise St Maryland Houston Virginia Tech First Four out: Missouri Western Kentucky SMU Notre Dame Next Four out: U...

2018 NIT Projected Seedlist – January 29th

Based on the current projections for the 2018 Division 1 Men's Basketball Tournament from BracketBluster, below is the seed list for the National Invitation Tournament (NIT). Berths were giv...

Are Sports and the Olympics the Answer to Ending the Korean Conflict?

For the first time in their nations’ histories, North and South Korea will field a joint women’s ice hockey team in the upcoming PyeongChang Olympics. The countries have walked under a unifi

Bracketbluster’s Anticipated Bracket – January 22nd

#1 Seeds: Villanova Duke – My data has Duke beating Virginia in the ACC Championship game, moving Duke to the 1 line and Virginia to the 2 seed in the West. Purdue Kansas Last Four in...

Taking a Deeper Look at 2017 MLB Statistics

Many fans make assumptions about certain aspects of baseball. Are younger players better than older players? Were the Astros really the best team? Does my favorite player really deserve to b...

Bracketbluster’s Anticipated Bracket – January 14th

#1 Seeds: Villanova Virginia Purdue Oklahoma Last Four in: Alabama USC Syracuse Houston First Four out: Western Kentucky Providence Georgia Virginia Tech Next Four out: ...

The Best “Resting Pitch Faces” in the MLB: 2017 Edition

As a follow up from our last year's edition, we present the MLB's Best "Resting Pitch Faces" of the 2017 season. Fans often overlook the beauty of the modern pitching form, allowing professi

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