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Donald Trump’s Take on Sports, including Interview with White House Correspondent Jordan Fabian

  In 1965, 21 of the 80 football players selected to the 1965 All Star Game started the first racially and politically motivated protest in the NFL. Subject to obscene amounts of rac

Which college has the most players in the NBA?

Since it's March Madness, why not see if teams'  success in the NCAA tournament translates to success in the NBA. Average tournament seed and missed tournaments are since 2009 (so ove...

Houston Likes Their Odds for a 2018 Title

 Starting out the 2017-2018 season, the NBA odds for the season told a familiar tale; Golden State and Cleveland were favorites to win it all again. However, as the season has progressed, th

Biggest NCAA Tournament Snubs

USC Southern Cal made it to the Pac-12 championship game against Arizona. They were the #2 seed in the conference, ahead of #4 seed UCLA, who is in against St. Bonaventure in the First Four

Bracketbluster’s Anticipated Bracket – Final Bracket March 11th

Selection Sunday has finally arrived. The 2018 NCAA March Madness Selection Show will be hosted on TBS tonight at 6 pm EST. Based on raw data and statistics, below is our projected final bra...

Bracketbluster’s Anticipated Bracket – Pre-Games March 11th

Selection Sunday has finally arrived. The 2018 NCAA March Madness Selection Show will be hosted on TBS tonight at 6 p.m. ET. Based on raw data and statistics, below is our projected final br...

Bracketbluster’s Anticipated Bracket – March 10th

#1 Seeds: Virginia Villanova Duke Cincinnati Last Four in: Missouri Florida State Baylor Notre Dame First Four out: Oklahoma Middle Tennessee NC State Nebraska Next Four...

Derrius Guice Asked if He “Likes Men” During Team Interview at Combine

Derrius Guice is one of the top running back prospects in the 2018 NFL draft class. He did well at the combine in the physical drills, running a 4.49 40-yard dash, the fifth best among runni...

Athletes Secretly Supporting their teams’ Rivals?

Towards the end of the 2017 MLB season, pictures surfaced of young Aaron Judge sporting a Red Sox t-shirt as a teenager, despite playing for the Yankees. The greatest rivalry in all sports h...

Bracketbluster’s Anticipated Bracket – March 8th

#1 Seeds: Virginia Villanova Duke Xavier New At-Large Teams in: Notre Dame Boise State New At-Large Teams out: Arizona State NC State Last Four in: Notre Dame Oklahoma Bo...

Bracketbluster’s Anticipated Bracket – March 4th

#1 Seeds: Virginia Villanova Duke Purdue Last Four in: Kansas St NC State Arizona St Providence First Four out: Notre Dame Syracuse Boise St Marquette Next Four out: Pe...

Ivy League Playoff Scenarios

March Madness has arrived right on time in the Ivy League, with the second to last day of regular season games possibly hinting at what could come in the second Ivy League Conference tournam

The Unique Ivy League Conference Tournament Format

Beginning March 10th, the Ivy League Men’s Basketball Conference tournament will commence for the only second time ever. Quite a shocking thought given that every other conference in Divisio

Bracketbluster’s Anticipated Bracket – February 25th

#1 Seeds: Virginia Villanova Duke Xavier Last Four in: UCLA Missouri Alabama NC State First Four out: Notre Dame Syracuse Boise St Providence Next Four out: Mississippi...

The Winter Olympics by the Numbers

Since the first ever Winter Olympics in 1924, the number of countries and athletes participating has grown significantly each year. The combination of new sports and the increasing number of...

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