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Steroid Use, HRs, and the MLB Hall of Fame

While filling out my hypothetical ballot for the 2022 MLB Hall of Fame class, it became clear that, as in year's past, the use of steroids will be the make or break for many of the players. ...

The MLB Free Agency Market and the Market for Lemons Theory

In this article by Michael J. Enz, Jonathan Murphy, and James E. Tienery, the three professors apply George Akerlof’s market for lemons theory to baseball, and specifically the free agency m

The Top 10 Collapses in Sports

It's honestly been a while since I watched a full edition of SportsCenter in the morning. And a lack of live sports (sorta) has certainly contributed to that. This morning the program ended,...

The Unintended Consequences of Canceling College Sports

The Ivy League officially announced today that all Fall 2020 sports seasons are canceled, most notably the college football season. Stanford University also announced today that after the 20

Connor’s Personal 18

After reading My Personal 18 by Matt Brown, I was intrigued by the idea. Unfortunately, however, I do not have the same amount nor the variety of golf experiences as Matt and some of the oth

Was Bobby Bonilla’s Buyout Really the “Worst Deal” Ever?

The past two decades haven’t been easy for Met’s fans, even with the World Series appearance in 2015. And every year on July 1st, those groans seem to get just a little bit louder.  July

My Personal 18

To make a personal 18 holes, you must follow the guidelines set forth below: 1) You must have played the course. 2) The holes must appear as their actual number, that is, favorite 1st ho...

Op-Ed: Drew Brees’ Interview Regarding the Anthem Protest and his Follow Up Statement

Yesterday, Drew Brees was trending on Twitter for this video interview he gave regarding kneeling protests to the national anthem, stemming from the current climate and anti-racism, anti-pol...

2020 NFL Round 1 Mock Drafts – First and Fan Staff

Dan, Ryan, Brendan, and I all predicted our first rounds of the NFL Draft. The rules are simple, if you get the correct pick, you get one point. If you predict a trade correctly, you get two...

Unprecedented Typo Causes Blown First Pick in the 2020 NFL Draft

In true Cincinnati fashion, an unbelievably costly error led to the Bengals spending their first overall draft pick on burro. NFL Commissioner frantically glanced at his staff with a bewilde...

The Vortex League: NBA Analysis

With the coronavirus suspending the NBA season through 19 weeks and change, a picture of the Vortex’s Fantasy Basketball season was nearly complete. Yet, even with the season cut short, a cl

Introducing First and Fan’s Multi-Sport Fantasy League…The Vortex

Each year around mid-late August, everyone from the sports superfans to casual fans to the weird guy at your office that roots for whoever your boss likes play fantasy football. The level of...

The Next Generation: College Football Players Named after 90s Rappers

The newest wave of college football players is rolling in, and they're setting the bar high thanks to the names on their birthday certificates. Some of the best names in the late 90s/early 2...

College Football Playoff Picture

The first college football playoff rankings were released on Monday, and with just under two months before the college football semifinals, the next three/four weeks are more important than ...

Draftkings MLB Optimal Lineup 9/12/19 (7pm Slate)

We’re back with another optimal Draftkings MLB lineup for today’s 7pm slate! The playoff picture is slowly shaping up and there's only about 2 weeks left in the season Optimal Lin...

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