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Elon Football Set An Unprecedented Record

Flip a coin. Try to get 8 heads in a row.  Go ahead. I’ll wait. Still waiting. You should expect to flip that coin 768 times before you get 8 heads in a row.  That’s what Elon football did t

Little Giant Fixes

As a diehard New York Giants fan, I could only watch last Sunday night’s performance against the Cowboys with extreme agony and frustration. Jerry Reese, who I have not been the biggest prop...

David Ortiz is Really Busy After his Retirement From the MLB

David Ortiz is a legend in Red Sox and MLB history, not even a year out of retirement. Number 34 is already hanging up in the rafters of Fenway Park, and there's not a single person in the N...

Indian’s 21 Game Win Streak by the numbers

The Cleveland Indians defeated the Detroit Tigers 4-3 earlier today to win their American League record 21st game in a row. They passed the 2002 Oakland A's record of 20 straight wins, and h...

Review of the Celtics & Cavaliers Megatrade

To begin, let me make one thing very clear - Kyrie Irving is a better player than Isaiah Thomas. Now that that’s out of the way, it’s easier to break down the monumental trade between the Ce

Top Fantasy Football Team Names for the 2017 Season

The NFL season kicks off on September 7th between the Patriots and Chiefs, but the real season we've all been looking forward to is just about to start too. Fantasy Football leagues are in f

Super Teams Stink

There is a menace wreaking havoc throughout the NBA world known simply as the ‘Super Team.’ These types of teams consist mainly of the NBA’s premiere talent and coaches joining forces to imp...

Top 5 Red Sox & Yankees Benches Clearing Brawls

To think that the origins of a 98 year rivalry stem from the trade of one player sounds ridiculous...unless that player is Babe Ruth and the two teams involved are the New York Yankees and t...

2017 First and Fan QB Roundup (AFC West)

Welcome to the 2017 First and Fan QB Roundup of the AFC West. Football season is drawing ever so close, and what better way to prep than a comprehensive review and preview of some of the NFL...

The “One-And-Done” Rule: Adam Silver, The Ball is in Your Court

Adam Silver has a very big problem on his hands: The NBA season is stale. In the midst of the offseason frenzy in which Chris Paul has already moved to the Rockets and Jimmy Butler to the Ti...

With Bob Diaco Gone, What Will Become of The Civil ConFLiCT?

Bob Diaco, during his brief time at UConn, was one of the best motivators I’ve ever witnessed in college football. He compared his players to Batman, he said that his program had turned into...

NFL Releases 2017 Summer Training Camp Dates and Locations

It's almost that time of the year again. The NFL is on its way to starting its 52nd season, and while there is still plenty of time before games begin, training camps are now officially less...

76ers and Celtics Swapped First Round Picks…Who Won the Trade?

The Celtics just recently traded away their first overall pick of the 2017 draft to the Philadelphia 76ers. Danny Ainge has been a GM mastermind in the past, working out fantastic deals such...

The Colorado Rockies are Emerging as 2017’s Best Social Media Team

Trash talking is a fundamental part of sports - whether it's Larry Bird barking in Dr. J's ear telling him to retire or all the people calling out the LA Charger's short-lived logo.  Teams a

Cavs in 6

Cavs – Warriors: Part III   It’s the rematch that the entire basketball would has been waiting for since the season began. The inevitable third matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers

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