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Michigan Should Make the College Football Playoff

Michigan should make the College Football Playoff’s final four. On the season they have lost two games, one to Iowa, on a last second game winning field goal, and one today to Ohio State, a battle that was fought into double overtime. I want you to ask yourself this question: name four teams in the country better than Michigan? Personally, I find this hard to do, as you can make the case for Alabama and Ohio State but after that it becomes dicey. I do not believe Clemson is as good as their record suggests, and the same with Washington. From the eye test, it appears that Michigan is a better team then these two, with more talent on both sides of the ball. The committee should also consider the condition of Wilton Speight, who was reported to have a broken collarbone just two weeks ago. There is a limited chance that he was playing at full health today, yet Michigan still brought Ohio State to double overtime. Finally, no conference has proven to be as strong and deep as the Big Ten, with four teams ranked inside the top ten. Respectively, Clemson is the only ACC team ranked inside the top ten, and Washington is one of two Pac-12 teams ranked. Two losses in the best conference in the nation, with a team proven to be as good as Michigan, needs to be playing on December 31st in a Playoff Semifinal. If the committee wants to put the four best teams in the country in the College Football Playoff, it will not be complete without Michigan.

Ryan Green
Co-founder of First and Fan