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Why Brendan’s Peach Bowl Preview Was Flawed

Photo courtesy of GoHuskies.com

While I respect my colleague Brendan Ball, I think he is a knucklehead and deserves to be corrected and treated as such. While Alabama has been seen as a heavy favorite, people have been leaving out key factors that I believe will lead to a husky victory. Below I have listed them alphabetically in order of importance.

  1. Washington Is Always High: Yes of course I am referring to Seattle’s elevation factor. Seattle, the home of the Washington Huskies, sits at an elevation 518’. This is over twice as high as Tuscaloosa Alabama, which sits at a height of 222’. Now I’ve never claimed to be a breathing scientist, or an airway engineer as we refer to it in the biz, but this elevation was clearly overlooked by ESPN, Fox Sports, and my coworker B-Ball. The lungs of this Washington team will be better, which is why they made such a terrific bowl. This is one reason to bet on Washington and breathe easy.
  2. Shortage of Husky Ladies: The University of Washington has a very diverse campus with men making up 48 percent and women making up 52. At the university of Alabama, the split is 43 percent men and 57 percent women. This means that there is far more testosterone flowing up in Seattle. We’ve seen athletes pump testosterone for a boost, and it’s the same thing with a campus for a football team. This is the reason why the all-male private schools used to win all the time back in high school. It’s just science. This is a key element that my buddy Bren Hen left out of his calculations. If you ask me, when it comes to this matter, Washington is up to the test.
  3. They’ve Got Dome Experience: The game is being played in the Georgia dome. While Washington hasn’t played in a dome this season, they have played a team that USUALLY is in a dome, the Idaho Vandals. This experience with knowing how to play against teams in a dome will be huge in their undoubted win over Alabama. You’ve gotta know your dome, which clearly my longtime friend Brendan, Brendan, bo-rendan, Banana-fana fo-frendan Fee-fi-mo-mendan, Brendan does not.

So there you have it folks, Washington by a million. They simply have too many intangibles not to win this game. If I were you, I would bet the house on Washington straight-up and start digging a very big hole so that you may swim in your winnings once they arrive by the truckload. Can’t think of a better way to start 2017 than with a win on one of the easiest bets in college football history: The Washington Huskies over the 16-time champion University of Alabama Crimson Tide. I’m sorry Brendan, but you’re just wrong here.