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Ranking All 351 D1 Men’s Basketball teams – January 8th

Baylor continues to dominate in our recent rankings. Photo courtesy of Ray Carlin of USA TODAY Sports.

Here is the latest ranking of all 351 Division 1 Men’s Basketball teams.  Color coding keys:

Green – Automatic Bids

Light Green – At-Large Bids

Pale Green – Last 4 in

Yellow – First 4 out

Pale Yellow – Next 4 out

The Rating Percentage represents the percent of maximum points in this year’s formula.  A perfect score is 284,814.8125 and the minimum score is 2.3125.  The calculation comes from a formula involving the ordinal rankings of the top rating systems, RPI, ESPN BPI, KenPom and Sagarin.  When the formula is applied to last year’s data the result closely approximates last year’s bracket.  Then we apply the formula to this year’s data to achieve the ranking and build the bracket each week.  Enjoy!

Note:  The seeds in the table may not match the seeds in the bracket as the NCAA’s rules of bracketology allow teams to be moved up or down one seed to meet the criteria of teams from the same conference meeting in the tournament.