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The Best “Resting Pitch Faces” of 2016

Photo courtesy of Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s take a trip down memory lane this offseason. Pitching has been increasingly more dominant as the MLB has progressed, which is equally impressive as the quality of batting is at an all time high as well. Rather than analyzing some of their statistics, how about we break down a specific part of their windup and delivery. I present to you some of the greatest mid pitch mugshots of the 2016 season, a series of “resting pitch faces” you could say.

Let’s start things off with some Mad-Bum. Bumgarner looks like a scruffy, rabid dog mid pitch, almost the opposite of his normally emotionless personality.

If “Have a nice day buddy-o!” had a face, it would be J.A. Happ. The disgusting elbow is an added bonus.

Jon Niese. “Don’t fart. Don’t fart. Don’t fart. Damnit.”

I think Max Scherzer is slowly shapeshifting into an animal.

So Yordano Ventura is bringing back the duck face?

And now to Ventura’s teammate, Danny Duffy. Wow.

And then there’s Justin Verlander. Who has the better “What’s the point…” face, Verlander or Kawhi Leonard dunking on a fast break:

As an honorable mention, we’ll give a hat tip to former Red Sox pitcher Hideki Okajima. Simply because his mid pitch facial expression has never been seen before.

Who do you think has the best “resting pitch face?” Don’t forget to share on social media and comment your thoughts.


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