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The Colorado Rockies are Emerging as 2017’s Best Social Media Team

Photo courtesy of Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY.

Trash talking is a fundamental part of sports – whether it’s Larry Bird barking in Dr. J’s ear telling him to retire or all the people calling out the LA Charger’s short-lived logo.  Teams are constantly improving their social media footprint in this evolving age, and the Colorado Rockies have stepped up their game to new levels.

Just yesterday, the rockies absolutely roasted Jeff Samardzija and the Giants with a single comment on the MLB’s instagram page.

Now in all fairness the Rockies won the game 10-8, giving them the rights to trash talk initially. But this is certainly not the only instance of Rockies social media gold.

One of the new modern techniques of large companies’ marketing teams is to directly interact with consumers, especially on social media platforms.

Julian Valentin, the man behind the Rockies Twitter handle, keeps both Rockies fans and any sports fan entertained at all times. It’s a combination of inside jokes, constant communication with fans, and pure ridiculousness that has turned the Rockies into one of if not the best social media team in baseball.

But it’s more than just funny tweets. Valentin and the Rockies have actually let fans run the team’s account, as well as the Rockies’ SB Nation page followers.

Wrap up their social media prowess with a bizarre use of emojis on a constant basis, and we might as well give them their crown now.

We’ll toss in a few bonus pics just to emphasize that the Rockies social media is on the up. Oh- and the time the Rockies players did a spin on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” Segment.

Quick shout out to the Washington Nationals for the solid knock at Twitter’s site changes.


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