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The Best “Resting Pitch Faces” in the MLB: 2017 Edition

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As a follow up from our last year’s edition, we present the MLB’s Best “Resting Pitch Faces” of the 2017 season. Fans often overlook the beauty of the modern pitching form, allowing professionals to throw a baseball upwards of 100 miles per hour, however what’s even more overlooked is the facial expressions they make while mid pitch. Here’s the best resting pitch faces of 2017:

Chris Archer is currently amongst the top of the list of high end trade prospects this offseason, just as his impression of a puffer fish is atop our list of “Resting Pitch Faces.” You could almost compare it to a toddler angrily holding their breath until their face turns red when they’re upset.

Charlie Morton played a significant role throughout the Astro’s quest for their first ever World Series win this past season, including wins in both Game 7 of the ALCS and the World Series. His resting pitch face is much less impressive than his postseason performances however.

Believe it or not, position players had a better ERA than Ubaldo Jimenez did last season. The strange lip alignment and flared nostrils doesn’t help his case as an intimidating pitcher either.

If you look really closely you can almost see the cartoon character steam coming out of Kent Maeda’s ears – that’s how angry he gets when he pitches.

It’s not easy to throw a baseball 85 miles per hour from below your knee, especially at age 38. I guess that makes it somewhat okay that he looks like he just bit into a lemon mid pitch.

Andrew Miller was that kid in middle school that would always yell “Ooooooooooh you’re in trouble” when someone was called out of class.

The double arm sleeve of tattoos gives the impression of a hardcore tough guy, but every facial expression Mat Latos makes while pitching points to a contradictory babyface.

Honorable Mention: Randy Johnson

Even though The Big Unit retired back in 2009, he gave baseball fans 21 seasons of potentially the most intimidating resting pitch face ever. Standing at 6’10” and throwing 100 miles per hour from a three quarters arm slot, the long scrappy hair and a toothless mug staring hitters downs easily takes the best resting pitch face to date.


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