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Which college has the most players in the NBA?

John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins both attended the University of Kentucky in 2010. Photo courtesy of Jim McIsaac/Getty Images.

Since it’s March Madness, why not see if teams’  success in the NCAA tournament translates to success in the NBA.

UniversityPlayers currently in the NBAAvg Tourney SeedMissed TourneysChampionships
Duke22202010, 2015
North Carolina162.912009, 2017
UCONN85.852011, 2014

Average tournament seed and missed tournaments are since 2009 (so over the last 10 NCAA tournaments).

Of the top 10 teams, only UCONN and Indiana missed this year’s tournament (UCLA and Syracuse were both in the First Four, with UCLA losing to St. Bonaventure’s for the #11 seed in the East and Syracuse winning against Arizona State for the #11 seed in the Midwest).

Another interesting look is that despite the quantity of players from these top schools, only Texas (Kevin Durant in 2014) and UCLA (Russell Westbrook in 2017) have produced an NBA MVP recently. As a matter of fact, excluding Westbrook and Durant, a former player from any of these 12 schools has not won an MVP award since 1998 with Michael Jordan.


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