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NCAA Final Four Preview: #1 Gonzaga vs #7 South Carolina

35 percent of ESPN brackets had Gonzaga in their Final Four. While the Bulldogs were consistently attacked by analysts for their weak schedule and occasionally scrappy offense, they’ve held their own throughout the tournament. Mark Few was selected NCAA Coach of the Year last week, so the team is in

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Coach Ray Harper looks to lead Jacksonville State to NCAA Tournament Success

After spending eight years at Western Kentucky, including the last four as head coach, Ray Harper resigned from WKU at the end of their 2016 season. One month later, Harper was welcomed to the Jacksonville State University with open arms, hoping to revive a struggling program. Jacksonville State failed to win a game

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Is 2016 The Greatest Year In Sports? – Part II

Yesterday we explained why 2016 was the greatest year of sports. Pretty much every major sports league in the US witnessed a fantastic final series or game, but 2016’s greatness doesn’t just end there. It was a great year to be an athlete, fan, and sports buff throughout the world, no

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