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Is 2016 The Greatest Year In Sports? – Part II

Yesterday we explained why 2016 was the greatest year of sports. Pretty much every major sports league in the US witnessed a fantastic final series or game, but 2016’s greatness doesn’t just end there. It was a great year to be an athlete, fan, and sports buff throughout the world, no

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Is 2016 the Greatest Year in Sports? – Part I

Major sports leagues throughout the world always have their fair share of upsets and cinderella stories. Even during intense rivalry matchups, fans can only ever ask for a great game at the end of the day. In major championships, great games end seasons on a high note for all fans.

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2017 NBA Dunk Contest Recap and Aaron Gordon’s Flop

In 2016, Aaron Gordon lost to Zach Lavine in an ultimate Dunk Contest display. LaVine and Gordon took the contest into overtime, putting up a number of perfect score dunks. Gordon had an arguably better dunk contest, but LaVine kept the creativity churning as the contest prevailed and Gordon fell

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