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Super Team’s Stink

There is a menace wreaking havoc throughout the NBA world known simply as the ‘Super Team.’ These types of teams consist mainly of the NBA’s premiere talent and coaches joining forces to impose their will on the league. There have been a handful of super teams from the ’83 championship

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2017 First and Fan QB Roundup

Welcome to the 2017 First and Fan QB Roundup. Football season is drawing ever so close, and what better way to prep than a comprehensive review and preview of the NFL’s elite quarterback corp. Every week will bring a new spread of what to expect in 2017, beginning this week

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The Ohio Valley Conference Jumpstarts March Madness

College basketball fans rejoice its finally march, and the madness has begun. Friday night, was an electric start to tournament season, as the Ohio Valley Conference semi-finals stole headlines. First and Fan sideline reporter and head bracket-tologist, Matt Brown, was there to capture all the excitement, as Jacksonville upset #1

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