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BracketBluster’s 2018 Introduction and Initial Bracket

Welcome to year two of BracketBluster on firstandfan.com. For those of you new to BracketBluster, I’ll share a little of the methodology that we use. The brackets that we present here are designed purely with data from several collection sites. Each year a new formula is devised such that if

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BracketBluster’s Final Bracket – March 12th

Selection Sunday has arrived, as has First and Fan's final anticipated bracket. Based on the months of data collection and analysis, the bracket is as follows: East vs Midwest West vs South   East Midwest West South Tune in at 5:30 EST today for the Selection Sunday presentation on CBS!  

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BracketBluster’s Anticipated Seed List – Friday 3/10

Here’s our current seed list as we look ahead towards March Madness and Selection Sunday. Color coding keys: Green – Automatic Bids Dark Green – Automatically in due to a conference tournament win Light Green – At-Large Bids Yellow – Last 4 in Pale Yellow – First 4 out  

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