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Cornell’s Fall Semester Cumulative Coronavirus Statistics

Cornell University has been highly praised for its Coronavirus plan, notably in the Washington Post and by Bloomberg. The campus operated in a hybrid form, with students taking classes both online and in-person, varying by course, for the entirety of the fall semester. After Thanksgiving, all classes transitioned to online,

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Ivy League Playoff Scenarios

March Madness has arrived right on time in the Ivy League, with the second to last day of regular season games possibly hinting at what could come in the second Ivy League Conference tournament. Earlier tonight, Princeton and Brown faced each other, with the winner guaranteeing themselves a chance to

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The Unique Ivy League Conference Tournament Format

Beginning March 10th, the Ivy League Men’s Basketball Conference tournament will commence for the only second time ever. Quite a shocking thought given that every other conference in Division I has long held their own conference tournament and the winner receives an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament later in

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