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Cornell’s Fall Semester Cumulative Coronavirus Statistics

Cornell University has been highly praised for its Coronavirus plan, notably in the Washington Post and by Bloomberg. The campus operated in a hybrid form, with students taking classes both online and in-person, varying by course, for the entirety of the fall semester. After Thanksgiving, all classes transitioned to online,

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NFL Fan Fiction: New York Jets Coaching Search Edition

Todd Bowles is out. Sad to see, but very understandable. You can’t defend 24-40. That being said, it’s time for the Jets to move on. They need a head coach that can corral an undisciplined team while attracting the big name free agents the Jets can finally afford. Names like

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Top 5 Red Sox & Yankees Benches Clearing Brawls

To think that the origins of a 98 year rivalry stem from the trade of one player sounds ridiculous...unless that player is Babe Ruth and the two teams involved are the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Their rivalry is the archetype for all other sports teams. Only

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